Matsui Shuzo - Kurayoshi

Colour: Spirits


  • Kurayoshi Pure Malt NV: A soft refreshing savory of malt, balanced acidity, bitterness and sweetness from the raisins, nuts and vanilla spread harmoniously throughout the mouth.
  • Kurayoshi 12 yrThe aroma of nuts and almonds is followed by a rich malty texture, with hints of vanilla and raisins, accompanied by a faint smoky flavor in perfect balance with the sweetness, bitterness and acidity of this vintage.
  • Kurayoshi 18 yr: A deeply complex spirit derived from extensive aging. The sweet taste of honey mixed with smoke, spice, and mint lingers on the palate, carried and lifted by this 18-year-old whisky’s higher ABV of 50%.

Kurayoshi distillery locates in Kurayoshi City in Tottori Prefecture. Surrounded by country side, the region has an abundance of fresh water, generously supplied by snowfall on the Daisen mountain range. The subtropical climate is partly infused by its proximity to the Sea of Japan.

Rather than merely relying on the taste of a few blenders, Matsui Shuzo asks hundreds of whisky enthusiasts and other professionals to try the whisky.

Paying close attention to their feedback is how Matsui Shuzo develops Matsui whisky.

The qualities that characterize Matsui whiskies not only include the shape of the copper pot stills, but the environmental conditions in which ageing takes place.

From testing storage conditions to experimenting with barrel types, we aren't afraid of innovation. Matsui Shuzo continues to strive to bring happiness to people through the whisky.



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