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Matsui Shuzo - Kurayoshi

Tasting notes
  • Kurayoshi Pure Malt 

    A soft refreshing savory of malt, balanced acidity, bitterness and sweetness from the raisins, nuts and vanilla spread harmoniously throughout the mouth. ABV 43%

  • Kurayoshi 12 yr

    The aroma of nuts and almonds is followed by a rich malty texture, with hints of vanilla and raisins, accompanied by a faint smoky flavor in perfect balance with the sweetness, bitterness and acidity of this vintage. ABV 43%

  • Kurayoshi 18 yr

    A deeply complex spirit derived from extensive aging. The sweet taste of honey mixed with smoke, spice, and mint lingers on the palate, carried and lifted by this 18-year-old whisky’s higher ABV of 50%.

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