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Duty Free wine supply for yachts

Duty Free wine supply for yachts

If you qualify for a duty free order, please contact us and we will remove the tax from your account.

Qualifying orders.

  1. All orders outside the EU.
  2. Inside the EU if you meet the following requirements.
  • Tax free goods destined for consumption during the period of a valid charter contract, are available to commercially registered yachts, employing a permanent crew, providing the yacht leaves the port within the 48 hours following delivery of the tax free goods.

What we need from you…

  • A copy of the Ships’ Papers clearly stating the vessel is commercially registered.
  • A copy of the Charter Contract
  • A copy of the Crew List
  • A signed and stamped copy of a commercial attestation

It is forbidden to consume goods bought under tax-free conditions alongside, and we cannot deliver tax free goods to static charters. It is also forbidden to disembark goods purchased under tax free conditions unless payment of the local taxes has been paid to the local authorities.

Tax on deliveries cannot be reclaimed retrospectively.

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