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Talisker - Skye

Tasting notes

Soft and sweet at first, coating and tongue tingling, with very light smoke. That sweetness quickly becomes more pungent and savoury (salted caramels, honey glazed ribs on a barbecue) with subtle smoke (like a beach bonfire lit in the distance), and a hot spiciness.

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More about the Producer

  • Talisker


    The only distillery on the Isle of Skye, on the shores of Loch Harport, Scotland. Talisker, is known as 'Talasgair' in theScottish Gaelic language.

    There is no doubt that its isolation must have posed problems in 1830 for its founders when it was necessary to transport the barrels by boat to the mainland. Nowadays lorries can access the Island to make transport easier.

    In 1916 Talisker was taken over by a consortium which included John Walker & Sons and John Dewar & Sons (and Talisker has Benn a key constituent in Johnnie Walker Black label ever since). In 1925, the consortium became Distillers Company, on of the ancestor of Diageo, who now own this distillery.

    In 1960, a serious fire destroyed almost all of the distillery but the external condensers were spared. 

    In 1989, the successful 'Classic Malts' was launched and of course Talisker was a natural choice to represent the Islands alongside the other greats.