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Redbank - Hundred Tree Hill - Chardonnay

Tasting notes

Tasting Notes

This wonderful chardonnay is pale lemon in colour with melon, cashew nuts, creamy spice and integrated yeast characters on the nose, underscored by hints of grapefruit. The palate is long, full and crisp with rich flavours of melon and cashews. This flavoursome wine has a wonderful combination of structure, elegance and power.

About the Producer

Hundred Tree Hill wines are grown and made at Redbank in the Pyrenees region of South Eastern Australia. The unique combination of soil type, climate characteristics and cool climate viticulture produce low yield grapes of high intensity, colour and flavour in the classic Pyrenees style. The goal of the winemaker Robb Neill is to produce small batch, high quality, handmade wine.

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More about the Producer

  • Redbank


    In 2017 the famous Sally’s Paddock vineyard celebrates 45 years, and in that time the building of a family obsession like no other; just like their famous Sally’s Paddock vineyard, the Robb family have their own roots planted deep in the Pyrenees soil.

    With Neill’s father establishing the first Pyrenees winery, Chateau Remy (now Blue Pyrenees), in the early 1960s, Neill Robb shares a unique, passionate and life-long connection with the region and its exceptional winemaking potential. Now his daughter Sasha, a third-generation Pyrenees winemaker, continues the tradition by his side.