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Planeta - La Segreta - Bianco


A clear yellow colour with green hints which anticipate its freshness. On the nose youthful citrus and flowery notes, balanced by lively Mediterranean hints of peach, papaya and chamomile. Balanced and refined on the palate, thanks to a well judged acidity.

The history of Planeta starts at Ulmo. In the middle of the 1980’s they planted the first vines around the 16th century farmhouse which the family has always owned. The first winery was built in 1995 on the banks of the Lake Arancio and its nearby woods, in really delightful countryside. La Segreta is a footpath, going from the winery and leads to three different paths which border the vineyards.

Hidden within the Menfi hills and with 160 hectares of vineyards, the Dispensa estate is the heart of all their activities.

The family houses are within Baglio, surrounded by production, administrative and planning centres. The larger part of the company’s production takes place here, with two wineries. The Infernotto, inside the small winery, is the family caveau, with a collection of our favourite labels from all over the world and all the Planeta vintages.

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