Louis Roederer & Philippe Starck - Brut Nature

Colour: Sparkling
Country: france
Producer: louis roederer
Region: champagne
Stlye: Brut


Brut Nature 2009 offers a true reflection of its soil with a stunning array of ripe fruit aromas. The nose offers an explosion of red and yellow plums, apricot kernel and a touch of red fruit complemented by notes of white flowers, acacia, broom and mimosa blossom. Its velvety texture and lively freshness lend it a cheerful character. It is impulsive and bright with a pleasant bitterness on the attack, delicate beads of mousse and a long, lingering finish.

The idea for the cuvée Brut Nature was born in 2006 in the Louis Roederer vineyards, and it is the first ‘new’ champagne to be released from the house since the 1970s. This champagne is the result of an encounter between a Champagne house working alongside nature and a creative genius with a free spirit: Philippe Starck.

One of the most famous designers in the world, Philippe Starck is by no means a stranger to the yachting industry with a fleet of super yachts showcasing his considerable talent including the likes of both Motor Yacht A and Sailing Yacht A as well as Motor Yacht Venus.

“The first adventure was a memorable experience. We worked with Roederer to create a unique, diagonal and dynamic language that stems from the work in the vineyards and results in a remarkably precise reinvention of an evolving champagne. We adhered to the same codes with the Brut Nature 2009 and once again relied on a concept and words in order to create a wine with no preconceptions. We sought to produce a perfectly honed, elegant, vertical and honest champagne, balanced out by its terroir.” Philippe Starck

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