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Klein Constantia - Vin de Constance

Tasting notes

Bright and gold in appearance with aromas of citrus marmalade and frangipani abundant on the nose. The palate is full bodied and complex. A good sugar to fruit ratio combined with a great acidity ensures the wine is in balance. The wine concludes with a long, spicy and grippy finish.

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More about the Producer

  • Klein Constantia

    Klein Constantia

    Onshore Cellars - ICONIC Producer

    Founded in 1685, Klein Constantia is situated on the upper foothills of Constantiberg, Cape Town. It was the first vineyard in South Africa and has always been famous for its elegant sweet wine, Vin de Constance. 

    The Estate has had the most interesting history being prized by leaders and aristocracy throughout the 18th century. A stable product in the home of Napoleon, referenced in Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, “it’s healing powers on a disappointed heart” and Charles Dickens’ The Mystery of Edwin Drood, “the blooming old lady made all haste to the dining-room closet, to produce from it the support embodied in a glass of Constantia and a home-made biscuit." American Presidents sipped Constantia while in power and Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette filled their cellars with the luxurious sweet wine.

    Unfortunately a vine disease hit South Africa in 1898 causing wine production to come to a halt and the vineyards fell dormant. It wasn’t until 1986, that Klein Constantia was revived and put back on the international map as one of the best vineyards in the world.

    Almost 100 years later talented winemaker, Matthew Day, has resurrected the magnificent vineyard to all its previous glory and more. Vin de Constance has consistently appeared in lists of the world’s top wines and has been rated South Africa’s best wine.