Holdvolgy - 'Hold and Hollo' Dry - Tokaj-Hegyalja

Colour: White
Grape: tokaji blend
Region: tokaji


Its fruity scent is dominated by lime and ripe pear, which is complemented by fresh chamomile and elderflower. With its pear-citrus, salty flavors, gooseberry and green leaves harmony, accompanied by exciting and tight acids. It keeps its momentum long and remains playful and provocative in the aftertaste.>

500 years after the birth of the legendary wine, Holdvölgy is resurrecting and taking forward the Tokaj dream.

The wine of thoughts was born in the concurrence of knowledge, principles, imagination and patience. The harmony of mind and spirit mellowed it to perfection, just like the eternal values.

Handmade, ultra-crafted from the finest 26 HA of all Tokaj Region in Mád, released in restricted numbers.

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