Domaine Romanée Conti - La Tache - Grand Cru

Colour: Red
Country: france
Producer: domaine de la romanee conti
Grape: pinot noir
Region: burgundy
Appellation: la tache


This is another legend in a bottle and, as such, must be tasted with caution to avoid falling victim to the classic Stendhal Syndrome and thus the incapacity to appreciate any other wine and the risk of falling into a deep depression.

The color is a lively but not too concentrated red with orange nuances of maturity on the edge. Like the Leroy wine the bouquet is absolutely explosive. Their intensity make instantly recognizable the notes of bramble bush filled with berries, hematic sensations and gushing amounts of blood orange to then end with turmeric and cinnamon. The mouthfeel is also explosive and one is at a loss to try and follow all the arrays of notes that are there to amaze and it can do this because this is no ordinary wine, it is a legend, it is La Tache. 

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