Bewiz - Citron - Gingembre - Pamlemousse - Hard Seltzer

Bewiz - Citron - Gingembre - Pamlemousse - Hard Seltzer - 12 x 33cl - Onshore Cellars

Bewiz - Citron - Gingembre - Pamlemousse - Hard Seltzer

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Bewiz is a renowned wine and spirits producer that has a rich history dating back several centuries. Situated in the heart of the picturesque British countryside, this esteemed producer has become synonymous with excellence and craftsmanship.

The production of Bewiz wines and spirits is a meticulous process that combines traditional methods with modern techniques. The grapes used in their wines are carefully selected from the finest vineyards, ensuring only the highest quality fruit is used. These grapes are then handpicked and gently pressed to extract the purest juice, which is then fermented using natural yeasts.

One of the standout offerings from Bewiz is their Citron wine. This refreshing and zesty white wine is made from a unique blend of citrus-infused grapes, resulting in a vibrant and aromatic drink. The Citron wine is perfect for those who enjoy a crisp and tangy flavor profile, with hints of lemon and lime dancing on the palate.

Another notable creation from Bewiz is their Gingembre wine. This exquisite red wine is crafted using a blend of carefully selected grapes, infused with the warming and spicy notes of ginger. The Gingembre wine is a true delight for the senses, with its rich and complex flavors that are perfectly balanced by the subtle heat of the ginger.

For those who prefer a lighter and more effervescent option, Bewiz offers the Pamlemousse wine. This delightful sparkling wine is made using a unique blend of grape varieties, resulting in a refreshing and lively drink. The Pamlemousse wine is characterized by its vibrant pink hue and its delicate bubbles, making it the perfect choice for celebrations and special occasions.

In addition to their impressive range of wines, Bewiz also produces a selection of high-quality spirits. Their Hard Seltzer is a popular choice among those who enjoy a light and refreshing drink. Made using a blend of premium spirits and natural flavors, the Hard Seltzer is a crisp and effervescent beverage that is perfect for sipping on a warm summer's day.

Bewiz takes great pride in their commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. They strive to minimize their carbon footprint by implementing eco-friendly practices throughout their production process. From using renewable energy sources to recycling and reusing materials, Bewiz is dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of their surroundings.

With their rich history, dedication to quality, and innovative approach to winemaking, Bewiz has firmly

Hard Seltzer

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