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We have recently launched the new edition of our wine book ‘ICONIC under 100’ and we couldn’t be prouder!

When it comes to the terms “organic”, “biodynamic”, “vegan” or “natural” we know things can get a bit confusing.

Not to worry, the Onshore Cellars team is here to help!

If you're a steward/ess serving a selection of fine wines for your yacht it helps to understand the peculiar wine tasting terms that can be used on the tasting note.
The summer charter season is fast approaching and we are here to help get your yachts’ wine cellar stocked with the right wines.

Picking the correct vintage of wine for your yacht. Our guide! 

We answer some questions so you know a little more about the famous bubbly!

How long do you decant it for and how do you know which wines should be decanted in the first place? 

On board storage is not always considered during the build and with owners investing thousands of euros on their collections, its time for a re-think.

Did you know wine can vary greatly from one year to another?  So how do you know what the ‘best vintages’ are?

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