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Dominus Estate

Onshore Cellars - ICONIC Producer

Christian Moueix fell in love with the Napa Valley while at university in the late 1960s. He returned to France to manage the family vineyards, including the famous Pétrus, but made his return to California in 1982 to start a partnership in the renowned Napanook vineyard. By 1995 he was the sole owner of Dominus and was producing one of the finest Bordeaux style wines in California.

Moueiux chose the name ‘Dominus’, or ‘Lord of the Estate’ in Latin, to underscore his longstanding commitment to the land and a vision of producing distinctive wines that express the essence of the Napanook vineyard.

“At Dominus Estate, we combine centuries old traditions of grape growing and winemaking with innovative practices to transform the highest quality grapes into fine wines with great potential for aging.” - Christian Moueix

One of the most impressive wineries in the world, the 44,000-square-foot rock structure is naturally temperature controlled, with stones that serve as a thermoregulation unit for the entire building.