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Domaine Merlin

Onshore Cellars - ICONIC Producer

Domaine Merlin is located in the Mâconnais wine region, in the south of Burgundy. Olivier and his wife Corinne picked this region to settle and create their family business because they loved the location and were convinced that they could make high quality wines on this land. Olivier’s passion for wine was ignited by his harvesting work in 1977 in the Mâconnais. After which he studied viticulture and oenology in Beaune and worked in a cooperative in the Jura as a winemaker, where he met Corinne. In 1987 they decided to take over the Vieux Saint-Sorlin domain and set up their own winery.

Currently, their two children, Paul and Théo, are also involved in the family business after finishing their studies in viticulture and oenology. The brothers have had a variety of experiences abroad, like a harvest they did together in Australia in 2017. Thanks to this opportunity they discovered new working philosophies that they applied to their domaine.

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