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I. The Dream 25 years ago, we had a dream: to share the magic of Mexican culture with the world. Our culture, our traditions, and our land have inspired us on this journey.

II. Our Name & First Decanter Our iconic decanter, a unique creation in the world made by the hands of Mexican artisans, began our dream. Our name was born from our inherent nature. Clase Azul—blue like the agave our spirits are made from and like the paint on our first Reposado decanter.

III. The Pillars We are grateful to have found people along our way who believed in our exquisite vision of Mexico: a vision full of dedication, excellence, and beauty.

IV. The Breakthrough These 25 years haven't been without difficulties. Different threats, such as natural disasters and financial crises, made us question our future existence. By believing in our dream and staying true to our ideals we overcame adversity.

V. A Statement of Mexican Craftsmanship To make our exquisite creations possible, in 2007 we founded Tradición Mazahua—a ceramic workshop in which Clase Azul artisans dedicate themselves to creating our decanters, tributes to Mexican culture.

VI. Sharing a Purpose Fulfilling our dream also means helping others fulfill theirs. Therefore, the transformation of our people is a fundamental part of our history. Through Fundación Causa Azul we strengthen communities of artisans so that they can thrive while preserving their heritage and cultural legacy. With our soccer team, Mazorqueros, we seek to transform the lives of young people and improve their quality of life through education, access to healthcare, dignified housing, and helping them reach their goals as athletes.

VII. The Transformation We want to transcend and represent our culture around the world with creations and spaces that reveal the heart of Mexico. Today we're proud to be sharing the magic of Mexico with more than 55 countries.

VIII. Our New Brand Identity Today we have transformed to Clase Azul México, yet we stay true to the values that have been with us since the beginning. We preserve the spirit that drives us to share the magic of our culture with the world.

IX. A Bright Future Today we are Clase Azul México, the dream that has transformed itself over the last 25 years. Thank you for joining us on our journey, but most of all thank you for being a part of what will be a bright future together.

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