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Château Talbot

The estate has a rich history. Its name originates with Connétable Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, governor of Guyenne as well as being a famous English military commander, who was defeated at the battle of Castillon in 1453.

In 1855, at the time of the Médoc and Graves growth classifications ordered by Emperor Napoleon III, Château Talbot was promoted as a fourth classified growth of Saint-Julien. In 1918 it was purchased by Désiré Cordier.

Today, The impeccable management of the vineyard is one of the most irreproachable in the Medoc. The wines, supervised by Nancy Bignon-Cordier, with the valuable advice of enologist Eric Boissenot and consultant Stéphane Derenoncourt, are consistently rich while remaining extremely elegant.

The smooth taste and their silky tannins make it possible to drink them young as well as after prolonged aging. 

The advice that a man who loves the land and vines can give to his children and future generations:

"As an ordinary winegrower, who is passionately attached to his vines, I will simply recount the efforts through which these renowned wines are made. They are fundamentally natural and their perfection and beneficial qualities are a source of justified pride for us all. It has been proven time and time again that to be and remain the owner of a renowned estate requires a true aristocracy that is in tune with that of the property and its wines. Everything must be sacrificed to it, the most important being all gain (…). Therefore to be an estate owner means, in a certain way, being in love with it.” Désiré Cordier (1861 – 1940)

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