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Château Montrose

Chateau Montrose is known today for its powerful, full bodied Bordeaux wine. But that is not what the property was originally known for. Before Bordeaux wine was produced at the estate, it earned fame for being a hunting area.

The vineyards for Chateau Montrose were fully planted when Theodore Dumoulin took ownership of the property. The Dumoulin family built the chateau that is in use today.

By 1815, Chateau Montrose was on its way to being one of the top vineyards Saint Estephe. Not producing wine before 1815, Chateau Montrose the youngest of all the 1855 Classified Growths. Apparently Chateau Montrose got its name, when the heather was in flower, the hillsides turned pink, pink is rose in French. In time, sailors on the river referred to the area as Mont Rose.

One of the unique features of Chateau Montrose is the hail canon that uses ultrasonic waves to protect the vineyard from damage caused by hail storms. They installed a geothermal pumping technology that is used for cooling as well as heating. Striving to be as green and energy efficient as possible.

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