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Château La Lagune

Château La Lagune located in Ludon-Médoc in the Médoc vineyards and is the immediate neighbor of Château d'Arche. It produces a class of its own red wine since it is the first and only classified Troisième Cru in the Official Classification of Bordeaux wines of 1855 in Haut-Médoc. It should be noted that it is the only Haut-Médoc appellation wine to have received this distinction.

The history of Château La Lagune begins in the 16th century, under Henri IV, but it was in the 18th century, in 1730, that the estate definitively acquired its role as a wine property. Since then, faithful to its style, the castle has always enjoyed a real love rating among amateurs and professionals. Today driven by Caroline Frey, it is a sure bet in Haut-Médoc.

The estate produces in addition to “Château La Lagune”, a second wine called “Moulin de La Lagune” and a third wine called “Mademoiselle L”.