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Château La Dominique

As in all beautiful stories, one look was enough for successive owners of La Dominique to be smitten with this magnificent Saint Emilion estate, and commit to making the most of it. Called "Durieu" in the early 17th century, the property was acquired by the Glenne family and named "Dominique" by Jacques and Isabeau Micheau in 1690. A subsequent owner, merchant Henri Greloud, added the definite article "La" in the mid-19th century. He is said to have done so because of his love for the Caribbean island of Dominica (or "La Dominique" in French).

It took only one look for Clément Fayat to see the potential of this Saint-Emilion grand cru classé. When he acquired the estate in 1969, it consisted of just a country manor house surrounded by a few vines. La Dominique clearly deserved more attention. Clément Fayat, a tireless builder strongly attached to the land because of his family origins in the nearby Corrèze, evaluated what improvements needed to be made in the vineyard and cellar, and decided to act. Quality was at the heart of his investment strategy. His son, Jean-Claude Fayat now shares the same outlook as his father, considering it his duty to work towards ever-increasing excellence.

"I am attached to this land because of my roots." Clément Fayat

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