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Alphonse Mellot

Onshore Cellars - ICONIC Producer

Alphonse Mellot is widely regarded as one of the best producers in the Loire and is one of the region’s leading producers in biodynamics. The majority of the wines are vinified and aged in wood, much like Benjamin Dagueneau in neighbouring Pouilly-Fumé. Alphonse Mellot has done a lot over the years to promote the appellation and develop and inspire younger producers.

“…[the Mellot family's] worthy aspirations have gradually raised them to the peaks of the great Sauvignons of the world. Alphonse Mellot's white Sancerres are amongst the most brilliant and pure illustrations of the genius of the Sauvignon grape."  Michel Bettane & Thierry Desseauve, The World's Greatest Wines

Local records dating back to 1513 mention the Mellot family, whose life even then was linked to producing wines of excellent quality. Alphonse Mellot founded a hugely popular tavern in Sancerre at the beginning of the 19th century offering local wines which marked the beginning of a flourishing trade. In 1881 he was granted a licence to ship his wine throughout France and all over the world which marked the beginning of the hugely successful wine company as we know it, which has been passed down through generations of the family ever since. The eldest son of each generation has continued to bear the name of the founder and today the property is run by Alphonse Mellot, father and son, the 18th and 19th generation to bear the name. 

“Alphonse Mellot (senior) is one of the great characters of Sancerre. His enthusiasm and passion for quality are legendary. The arrival of Alphonse junior in the early 1990s raised the quality still further. “ Jim Budd, Decanter Magazine

The cellars are based at ‘La Moussière’ right at the heart of the historic town of Sancerre, and were built between the 15th and 17th century.

“A touch eccentric, and always boiling over with ideas, he [Alphonse Mellot] has taken the world of Sauvignon Blanc to new heights. The estate, though, is not a one-man show. With 55 hectares of organically farmed vineyards, [and] 45 is an orchestra conducted by a sometime delirious genius.” Joel B. Payne,