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Pinot Grigio

The 3 Main Types of Pinot Grigio

  • Minerally & Dry
  • Fruity & Dry
  • Fruity & Sweet (Alsatian)

Minerally & Dry Pinot Grigio - This style is most famous from the northern parts of Italy and traverses the foothills of the Alps nearly all the way from Italy through Austria and even Romania, Slovenia and Hungary. The mountains are a powerful force on the agriculture, insuring that the grapes keep their high acidity.

Fruity & Dry Pinot Gris - Winemakers often choose the word Pinot Gris to describe this fruit-driven style of Pinot Gris. You’ll be able to pick out lemon, yellow apple and white peach among the flavors that you smell.

Fruity & Sweet - Today, Alsace is one of the only regions in the world making a sweet style of Pinot Gris. With flavors of sweet lemon candy, honeycomb and honey crisp apples.