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Joseph Krug had a vision, to create champagne every year regardless of variations in vintage. He felt the essence of champagne was pleasure and when he founded Krug in 1834 he worked tirelessly to pursue his dream. Joseph’s knowledge has been passed down through the family and as such his great great great grandson, Olivier Krug is the director today.

Interview with Olivier Krug, Director
As the sixth generation director, what do you feel was the most important moment in Krug’s history to date?

In my eyes, the most important day was, in 1842, the day when Joseph Krug, my great great great grandfather, decided to create his own house, producing solely Prestige and exceptional champagnes. His vision was that champagne is about pleasure so he decided to follow his dream, which was to offer every year, whatever the climatic challenges, the best and most generous expression of champagne. Not only did he achieve this but we are proud to share with you today Krug Grande Cuvée 165th Edition, the 165th time in a row that we have recreated his dream.

What is the idea behind the Krug ID?

The Krug ID allows every Krug Lover to get the story of her/his bottle. Not only does it give a direct access to all craft information but also lots of helpful advice on service (never use a flute nor serve it too cold), and pairings. Besides the obvious food pairings, I am especially enthusiastic with music pairings and I can confirm that the right music with the right champagne does enhance the spectrum of discoveries.

When did you first taste champagne?

I had Krug on my lips the day I was born, even before mother’s milk. Consequently, I must be the only one who forgot his first Krug.

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Maison Krug 5, rue Coquebert - 51100 Reims

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