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Égly-Ouriet is a highly acclaimed Champagne producer, particularly noted for its role in the "grower Champagne" movement. This movement emphasizes the role of the vineyard owner who grows the grapes and makes the Champagne, as opposed to larger houses that might buy grapes from multiple sources. Égly-Ouriet is owned and operated by Francis Égly, who is renowned for his meticulous vineyard management and winemaking practices that focus on expressing the terroir.

**Location and Vineyards:**
The estate is based in the village of Ambonnay, one of the premier Pinot Noir villages in the Montagne de Reims region of Champagne. Égly-Ouriet's vineyards are Grand Cru classified, with Pinot Noir being the dominant grape, supported by smaller plantings of Chardonnay. The vines are old, which contributes to the depth and concentration of the Champagne produced.

**Winemaking Philosophy:**
Égly-Ouriet is known for its low-intervention approach to winemaking. Francis Égly practices sustainable viticulture, eschewing the use of chemicals in the vineyard. He favors extended lees aging and uses a significant proportion of oak in the fermentation and maturation process, which is not very common in Champagne. This approach adds complexity and a distinctive richness to the Champagnes, setting them apart from more conventionally styled wines.

**Champagnes Produced:**
Égly-Ouriet produces a range of Champagnes, including:
- **Brut Tradition Grand Cru**: Made primarily from Pinot Noir, this Champagne is known for its body, richness, and depth.
- **Vignes de Vrigny Premier Cru**: A 100% Pinot Meunier Champagne, showcasing the potential of this often-overlooked variety.
- **Grand Cru Blanc de Noirs 'Les Crayères'**: Sourced from a specific parcel, this is a powerful, yet refined expression of Pinot Noir.
- **Brut Grand Cru Millésimé**: A vintage Champagne that highlights the specific characteristics of a single year.

Égly-Ouriet Champagnes are highly sought after for their depth, complexity, and longevity. They are considered some of the finest examples of what grower Champagnes can achieve, often rivaling (and sometimes surpassing) the products of the larger, more famous Champagne houses. Francis Égly’s commitment to quality and his hands-on approach in both the vineyard and the winery have earned him and his Champagnes a cult following among Champagne connoisseurs and enthusiasts around the world.

Overall, Égly-Ouriet stands as a beacon of exceptional craftsmanship in Champagne, representing the pinnacle of what meticulous vineyard management and thoughtful winemaking can achieve in one of the world's most celebrated wine regions.

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