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Founded by Victor Huet in 1928, Domaine Huet is one of France’s most historic estates and is famous for producing some of the country’s most age-worthy white wines. Victor’s son, Gaston, was handed the reigns in 1937 and it was his pursuit of quality that took the wines to great heights over the following 55 years, buying parcels of Grand Cru vines in Le Haut-Lieu, Le Mont and Clos du Bourg.

In 2002, New Yorker Anthony Hwang purchased a majority stake in the estate, which is today run by his children. Jean-Bernard Bertholmé has been in charge of winemaking since 2012, making biodynamic wines that display incredible purity and balance. The diverse range includes sparkling, dry, off-dry and lusciously sweet wines.

Interview with Sarah Hwang, Owner

Do you have a favourite out of your three vineyards?

The tradition of Domaine Huet is to highlight our magnificent terroirs through the lens of each growing season. Each of our vineyard sites brings its own character and personality to the wine through its distinct terroir, and it is impossible to choose a favourite of the three!

Which has been your favourite vintage in the last decade?

Every vintage is unique, and the last ten years in particular have each brought new experiences and extraordinary challenges during the growing season. While vintages like 2009 and 2015 are special thanks to Mother Nature's gift of beautiful, facile conditions, successfully navigating complicated seasons like 2014, 2016 and 2019 was daunting, yet incredibly satisfying.

What is the oldest vintage that you have tried from Domaine Huet and how was it?

The first wine produced by Victor and Gaston Huet that I've tried is a 1931 Le Haut-Lieu Demi-Sec harvested from original five-hectare plot in Le Haut-Lieu. It was confirmation to me that it's not if the wine will age, but how. Not a particularly lauded vintage, it was alive and complex.

Do you have a favourite food match for Le Haut-Lieu Demi-Sec?

A simple scallop carpaccio is divine with the Haut-Lieu Demi-Sec.

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