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Criots Batard Montrachet

Criots Batard Montrachet

Criots Batard Montrachet is a prestigious wine appellation located in the heart of Burgundy, France. This small but mighty region is known for producing some of the finest white wines in the world, and Criots Batard Montrachet is no exception.

The history of this appellation dates back to the Middle Ages, when the monks of the nearby Abbey of Maizières first began cultivating grapes in the area. Over time, the vineyards of Criots Batard Montrachet became known for their exceptional quality, and the wines produced here were highly sought after by connoisseurs around the world.

Today, Criots Batard Montrachet is home to a number of small, family-owned wineries that continue to produce some of the most exquisite white wines in the world. The style of production here is traditional and focused on quality over quantity, with a strong emphasis on hand-harvesting and careful selection of the grapes.

The primary grape variety grown in Criots Batard Montrachet is Chardonnay, which thrives in the region's cool, limestone-rich soils. The grapes are typically harvested in late September or early October, when they have reached optimal ripeness and are bursting with flavor.

The resulting wines from Criots Batard Montrachet are known for their rich, complex flavors and aromas. They are typically full-bodied and creamy, with notes of citrus, honey, and toasted nuts. The wines are aged in oak barrels for up to 18 months, which imparts a subtle vanilla and spice flavor to the finished product.

Some of the most popular wines from Criots Batard Montrachet include the Grand Cru and Premier Cru bottlings, which are made from the finest grapes grown in the region. These wines are highly sought after by collectors and wine enthusiasts around the world, and are considered some of the finest white wines in existence.

In conclusion, Criots Batard Montrachet is a truly exceptional wine appellation that produces some of the finest white wines in the world. With its rich history, traditional style of production, and focus on quality over quantity, it is no wonder that these wines are so highly prized by connoisseurs and collectors alike.