Unconventional Wine Pairings for Seafood Served on Yachts

Dining is a key part of the experience when on holiday on your yacht. As yacht stewardesses, we know the essential role that wine plays in enhancing the pleasure of any meal, especially seafood dishes. While classic pairings like white wine with fish are timeless, today we're diving into the deep end of unconventional wine pairings for seafood that can elevate your yacht dining experience to a whole new level.

Sake with Sushi

If you've always served champagne with sushi, you're not alone, but why not surprise your guests with a unique pairing like a premium Japanese sake? Its delicate balance of sweetness, acidity, and umami pairs harmoniously with fresh, lightly seasoned sushi and sashimi, providing an authentic and exotic twist to the dining experience.

Rosé with Lobster

The richness and subtle sweetness of lobster demand a wine that can match it while providing a refreshing contrast. Rosé, with its blend of light body and bright acidity, is an unconventional yet fantastic pairing. A rosé from Provence or Bandol offers a touch of savoy complexity that beautifully complements the succulent lobster meat.

Vermentino with Oysters

The crisp minerality and zesty acidity of Vermentino, a white grape variety primarily found in Italy, makes it a unique and delicious pairing with fresh oysters. This combination allows guests to experience the salty freshness of the sea in a novel and exciting way.

Zinfandel with Grilled Shrimp

While white wines like Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay are traditional shrimp pairings, consider shaking things up with a bold red like Zinfandel. Its lower tannin profile and rich fruitiness can handle the heat of grilled shrimp, especially when seasoned with strong spices.

Pinot Noir with Seared Tuna

Venturing into the realm of red wines with seafood, we find that Pinot Noir can create an elegant and unexpected harmony with seared tuna. Choose a light-bodied Pinot Noir, which will complement the meaty texture of the tuna without overwhelming its delicate flavours.

Experimenting with unconventional wine pairings opens up a new world of flavours, creating unforgettable dining experiences on board. It's about breaking traditions, surprising and delighting your guests, and of course, having a little fun along the way. Remember, the best wine pairing is one that your guests enjoy, so feel free to explore and push boundaries.

Until next time, cheers to smooth sailing and exceptional sips!