Iconic under 100: Behind the scenes

We have recently launched the new edition of our wine book ‘ICONIC under 100’ and we couldn’t be prouder!

This new edition includes 100 iconic good value wines under a 100€ to stock onboard a superyacht, presented in an elegant coffee table book format, that be can be handed over to the owner and guests to help them to select the wines for their trip and then kept on board for future reference and reading.

But some of you might be wondering, why have  we decided to venture us in such a big project (again)? 

The first edition of ICONIC was released in 2018, becoming the first of its kind in the yachting industry. After their initial success, with 1,500 copies printed ending on board of top yachts (including world largest yacht, Dilbar). We decided that it would be very useful to create another version of the book focusing on wines under a 100€. In a nutshell, the idea was to create a list of wines and producers that we love and that are affordable to everyone!

As Edward Dunnett, Owner of Onshore Cellars, explains: “We truly believe in the story behind the wines, and this book has been another opportunity to showcase these great producers and present their wines to you. We are immensely thankful for their ongoing efforts to produce exceptional wine that we proudly get to share with the world through Onshore Cellars.”

Iconic under 100

The list of the producers and wines was carefully created, taking into account the years of experience selling wine to the world’s most impressive super yachts. The next step was to contact each of the selected producers and hoping for an answer - which was not easy in some cases!

 But after some long hours of work and back and forward emails, we couldn’t be happier with the final result of the book. The interviews with the producers were a great opportunity to get some insights from some of the top wine regions around the world. 

We are also really proud to have partnered with Jane Anson, Contributing Editor at Decanter magazine, that reviewed and created some tasting notes for several of the wines. Hopefully, you will find these notes as much informative and interesting as us!

So please, sit down and relax - it’s time to travel around with us. 

Download here your FREE copy  of ‘ICONIC under 100’.

Happy reading (and tasting)!


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