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Supplying wines & spirits to your yacht.


Yacht wine supply in Marseille

While not typically a destination for owners or guests. Marseille has a large shipyard and is an attractive place to take your yacht for a shipyard period. A great place to start provisioning your wines and spirits either for the summer ahead or a winter outside the EU.

There are a few small wine shops locally, but be prepared as they many have very limited ranges. By using Onshore Cellars to provision your yacht in Marseille you can access the largest and most comprehensive rage of wines specifically chosen for our yachting clients. With over 20,000 bottles in stock we have something for every taste!

We offer same or next day delivery for all wines in stock to Marseille, in fact we can be with you in in just a few hours! You can order online or via our website, phone, email or Whatsapp, we are here to help.