Yacht wine supply in

Antigua & Barbuda

Supplying wines & spirits to your yacht.


Yacht wine supply in Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua holds a very dear place in the heart of our founders, Jess and Edward Dunnett. Having spent 5 winters there on board Motor Yacht Skat and then having serviced the island with regular deliveries of wines and spirits for the past 7 years of Onshore Cellars.

Provisioning wines for your yacht in Antigua can be difficult. While there are a number of local suppliers, there is a high risk of the wines already on the island being corked or heat damaged. Most of the stocks on the island have been shipped in containers and spend weeks at sea without adequate temperature controls. There is also a very limited range.

Onshore Cellars regularly ships wines into Antigua for yacht owners and charter guests. There is a huge benefit of having access to our full range. We have thousands of wine references in stock and ready to ship and in addition to wines you can find on our site, we also specialise in sourcing those hard to find and rare references that are demanded by yacht guests. Prices are high on the island and even with shipping added on the top, you will find our wines offer much better value.

One of the benefits of using Onshore Cellars to stock your yacht or supply your yacht charter with wines and spirits is that all orders will be exclusive of taxes. As well as having access to the same wines you have brought through us over the summer, giving you consistency of supply.

Typical turnaround for orders from our stocks is 2-3 days of shipping. We normally use DHL for smaller orders and dedicated cargo space for those larger stock ups.

We work closely with a number of agents on the island and are happy to work with someone new if you can't find your agent listed.