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Escarpment is a renowned winery located in Martinborough, New Zealand. Founded by Larry McKenna, a well-known winemaker with over 30 years of experience in the industry, Escarpment has established itself as one of the top producers of Pinot Noir in the region.

The winery is located on the Martinborough Terrace, an area known for its unique microclimate and limestone soils, which provide ideal conditions for growing Pinot Noir grapes. Escarpment's wines are produced using traditional winemaking techniques, with a focus on minimal intervention and allowing the terroir to express itself in the final product.

Escarpment produces several different Pinot Noir wines, each with its own distinct style and character. Their flagship wine, Kupe, is named after the famous Maori navigator who discovered New Zealand, and is known for its rich, complex flavors and velvety texture. Other wines in their range include the Escarpment Pinot Noir, which is a classic expression of the Martinborough terroir, and the Pahi, which is a lighter, more elegant wine with subtle fruit flavors.

In addition to their Pinot Noir wines, Escarpment also produces a small amount of Chardonnay and Pinot Gris. Their Chardonnay is produced in a Burgundian style, with a focus on balance and finesse, while their Pinot Gris is a refreshing and aromatic wine with notes of pear and apple.

Overall, Escarpment is a top producer of Pinot Noir in Martinborough, known for their dedication to quality and their commitment to expressing the unique character of the region in their wines.