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Taittinger is one of the most famous Champagne brands in the world, and one of the largest wineries in the Champagne region. Founded in 1932 by Pierre Taittinger, the estate is located in Riems with vineyards covering approximately 290 hectares distributed across the Champagne appellation.

Pierre Taittinger, an officer and prominent politician in 1915, didn’t foresee a life in winemaking, but after being assigned to the chief of staff based at Château de la Marquetterie, Pierre Taittinger fell in love. He decided to buy the property and its surroundings from the wine house Forest-Fourneaux and start a family legacy.

François Taittinger, Pierre’s son, took over the family business in 1945 and forged the signature style of the house. He was responsible for making Chardonnay their flagship grape because he was convinced of the potential that this variety would have among the consumers in the 20th century. After his untimely death in 1960, his bother Claude started managing the company until 2005, when was sold to a private investment firm. The new ownership didn’t seem compatible with Taittinger’s standards of quality and it’s for this reason that the Taittinger Family decided to buy back ownership in 2006.

Taittinger’s aim has always been the pursuit of excellence, as Pierre Emmanuel Taittinger, current Honary Chairman, sates:

“Having our family name on a bottle places demands and responsibilities on every minute. The name on the bottle conveys both the skills and knowledge of the past and a commitment to the future”.

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