Behind the scenes: Château Léoube

Last week, a very lucky group of Chief Stews had the opportunity to visit the emblematic producer from Provence, Château Léoube, thanks to the joint efforts of Onshore Cellars and Sea Emporium. 

The group enjoyed an exclusive day-visit where they learned all about the winemaking process and all the action behind the scenes taking place at the winery. 

Set in 560 hectares, the estate includes 70 hectares of vineyards and 20 hectares of olive groves that make Léoube’s award-winning wines and olive oils exceptional. Their philosophy is simple, respect the land to get the most of it in return, that’s why they follow organic and biodynamic practices across the whole domaine. 

Organic vineyards at Chateau Leoube

With this motto in mind, the day started with a quick visit to Pellegrin beach and Café Léoube, a lovely and peaceful spot for lunch that has “tender access”. In summer, there is a full program of activities for kids and adults, which makes this the perfect anchorage for your guests next summer. Jazz nights, open-air cinema, DJ parties, are only a small selection of the events available through the season. 

The Café is open from April to September and the majority of the products from the menu are coming, of course, directly from their organic vegetable garden - a fantastic treat to all the senses!

Pellegrin beach is situated next the Cafe Leoube

The visit continued with a tour of the estate where the group had the chance to see the vineyards, the Olive trees fields and the chapel of the domain, where you possibly get one of the best views in the area. 

After learning about the vineyard and the estate, everyone was excited when the key moment of the day arrived: the wine tasting. The group was then brought to the Orangery Room, a very exclusive part of the chateau especially open for the occasion, where a selection of canapés and organic wines were served. A selection of their beauty and homeware products from Daylesford Farm and Bamford were also presented. 

A selection of wines and products where presented at the Orangery Room.

At the end of the day, everyone left with a bag full of goodies and a big smile, that’s why we want to seriously thank the whole team at Chateau Léoube for a fantastic day out!

If you want to hear more about the estate or are interested in knowing more about their wine range, please don’t hesitate to drop us note, we would be delighted to talk you through more detail. 

Click here to find out the wine range from Château Léoube. 



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