How to open a bottle of wine.

At Onshore Cellars, our unique perspective on yacht service stems from a decade of Jessica's hands-on experience as a chief stewardess aboard some of the world's most prestigious yachts and almost a decade now at the helm of Onshore Cellars - supplying wines to yachts. Her extensive tenure in the industry not only equips her with an intimate understanding of onboard service excellence but also highlights the knowledge gaps that often challenge even the most seasoned interior crew. It's this insightful blend of expertise and personal experience that drives us to elevate the standard of wine education within the yachting community.

Fuelled by our passion for wine and a desire to bridge the gaps in wine education, we are thrilled to introduce our new master class tailored specifically for yacht crew professionals.

We hope you enjoy them and do comment if you want us to cover something in one of these videos.

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