Wine Storage for Yachts


As a yacht owner, you understand the importance of creating adequate storage on board your vessel. However, it's not always easy to achieve the ideal storage solution. Although larger and newer yachts have the advantage of investing in clever storage solutions, most boats have to make do with limited space. Unfortunately, wine storage is not always a priority during the yacht's build, and with owners investing thousands of euros in their wine collections, it's time for a re-think.

At Onshore Cellars, we offer a solution for our yacht clients that ensures secure, safe, and controlled wine storage. Our OnShore storage facility is the perfect solution for high-value wine collections. Whether you need to store your wine safely ashore or want us to store your full cellar during yard periods, we have got you covered.

Optimum Wine Storage Conditions It is crucial to store wine in the correct conditions to preserve its quality and ensure you get the best out of it. We provide our clients with wine storage in our duty-paid wine cellar. This option allows you to store your wine OnShore, in the optimum conditions, all year round. Whether you're headed into a yard period or your yacht has been sold, our wine storage solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs.

OnShore Wine Storage Benefits Our wine storage solutions offer yacht owners numerous benefits, including:


Our facility has climate-controlled wine storage units that ensure optimal wine storage conditions. We understand the importance of maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity level to preserve the quality of your wine.


Our wine storage facility provides a secure and safe storage environment for your wine. Our storage units are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, so you can be sure that your wine is in good hands


Our OnShore wine storage solutions offer yacht owners the convenience of having access to their wine collections whenever they want. Additionally, if you need to sell your yacht, you can easily move your wine collection to a new location.

At Onshore Cellars, we understand the value and importance of your wine collection. That's why we provide secure, safe, and controlled wine storage solutions for yacht owners. Our OnShore wine storage facility is designed to meet the unique needs of yacht owners, ensuring optimum storage conditions, protection, and convenience. So, whether you're looking to store high-value wines or your entire wine cellar during yard periods, contact us today to discuss your wine storage needs.


Please note should you wish to store wines not bought through Onshore Cellars there is a receiving charge of €4.95 per case (ex VAT). Thereafter the above storage charges apply. You will need to notify us in advance to transfer wines into your account. You will need to provide evidence of the levels and condition of wines prior to the transfer, and a valid VAT invoice for all wines.

The above prices include insurance for the cost of replacing the wine up to €100,000. If additional insurance is required then you will be charged accordingly.



On board it is possible to create adequate storage, but it will never be ideal. While some of the larger newer yachts are investing in clever solutions, most boats just make do.