Weingut Wittmann - Estate Riesling Bio - Trocken

Colour: White
Country: germany
Producer: weingut wittmann
Grape: Riesling
Region: rheinhessen


Nice volume on the nose, yellow and white fruit, vineyard peach, lemongrass, yellow apple, very ripe citrus fruit, totally fine but not overly expressive, chalky underlay. Then on the palate with a great draw, wow, that has a lot of pressure and length made of fine, ripe citrus fruit, nothing is sharp, but fresh and crisp without end. Showing great minerality for a good wine, salt, chalk, a lot of grip and also a certain concentration.

The wine has just over 12% alcohol, a little less than the 2018, it is crisp dry but mouthwashing juicy on the palate. The wine has both, something that the people of the Palatinate call Schlotzig, which means tasty, drinkable, incredibly juicy and at the same time it has minerality, length and piquant freshness.

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