Terrazas de los Andes - Unoaked Torrontés

Colour: White
Producer: terrazas de los andes
Grape: torrontes
Region: cafayate


Pale yellow with greenish highlights. Fresh and fruity character. Marked tropical fruit notes of melon, tangerine and litchi laced with balanced herbal aromas and white roses notes.

This Torrontés stands out for its freshness and intensity. Its sensual and citric mouthfeel completes the persistent taste of this variety.

The high-altitude climate, with its low rainfall, rocky soil, and lack of organic elements in the ground, forces vines to work hard for hydration and nutrients.

As a result, their grapes develop vivid, intense flavours.

High altitude means warm, sunny days for grapes to flourish, followed by cold nights that slow down their ripening. It also limits acidity.

Each variety is associated to a specific altitude and is cultivated over terraced vineyards. This process helps produce the purest expression of each wine.

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