QVT Dry Gin - France

Colour: Spirits
Producer: qvt
Region: provence


A small craft distillery in the South of France, QVT Distillerie aims to bring flavours of Provence to their gin. Selecting high quality ingredients is critical to the flavour and identifying the best suppliers is a vital part of the gin-making process. Fortunately, Provence is rich in so many of the ingredients that go into QVT. The botanicals include Juniper, Lavender, Rose-flower, Rosemary, Coriander seeds, Pine and Grape, which all give the gin an aroma that captures the essence of Provence! 

The initial taste of QVT Gin confirms that it is a gin (there are some gins that are almost a flavoured vodka), hence the juniper comes out first, after which the other ingredients, including citrus, coriander and lavender, start to emerge. Evoking thoughts of lingering Provencal sunsets, warm sun by the pool, or under a cafe umbrella in the square of local village. This gin is ‘unapologetically’ Provençal!

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