Oller del Mas - Petit Bernat Negre

Colour: Red
Country: spain
Producer: oller del mas
Grape: Cabernet Franc Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah
Region: pla des bages


The nose is clean and intense with notes of red fruits on a background of fresh cakes and pastry. Sweet, spicy and smoky balsamic notes. The palate has a sweet attack, nice and balanced. Medium body, sweet tannin and well integrated alcohol and acidity.

The certfied organic vineyards of Oller del Mas cultivate the indigenous varieties Macabeo and Malvasia, but more notably Picapoll Blanco and Picapoll Negre. These two indigenous grape varieties set this DO apart. In the case of Picapoll Negre, Oller del Mas had exclusive growing rights for seven years as they recovered this variety from plantings found on the estate. The wine it creates is lean and intense with notes of red fruits, spice and smoke.

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