Kumeu River - Coddington Chardonnay

Colour: White
Country: new zealand
Producer: kumeu river winery
Grape: chardonnay
Region: auckland



"Usually the most flamboyant wine when young, the 2018 Coddington has the typical ripe peach and rich nature on the nose. The palate is beautifully forward with a supple approachability that is common with the 2018 Chardonnays. The wine has density, concentration and luscious creaminess we expect from Coddington and while this makes the wine easy to drink at this early stage no doubt it will take on lovely bottle age as it has done with previous vintages.”

Michael Brajkovich, Winemaker

Kumeu River is a true old world meets new world wine story. The Brajkovich family brought winemaking knowledge from Croatia to New Zealand’s capital and became a founding family of the country’s wine industry.

 Their son, Michael, really developed the true potential of the vineyard when he took over in 1982. Michael was the first New Zealander to become a Master of Wine and he used his skills and knowledge to improve the quality of the fruit through better drainage systems and introducing the Lyre trellis system (training the vines to grow upwards, rather than hanging down). The Chardonnay wines of Kumeu River are regarded as some of the best in the world and the vineyard has become the benchmark for non-Burgundy produced Chardonnay.

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