Equipo Navazos - La Bota No 52 - Palo Cortado

Colour: White
Country: spain
Grape: Palomino


La Bota of Palo Cortado 52 “Sanlúcar” is a groundbreaking contribution to the concept of palo cortado in the Sherry District, and the result of decades of experience and reflection by Eduardo Ojeda and his team. This is a palo cortado that, despite its relative youth, honors the strict requirements of smoothness, purity, and complexity that every wine belonging to this noble category must meet.

For a palo cortado, its alcoholic strength is a fairly moderate 18%, and this alcohol is perfectly integrated and balanced, making it a very drinkable and refreshing wine–as well as complex and long. Probably the best imaginable match for a long list of oriental dishes, from India to Japan, with a very special inclination toward the Asian Southeast. A true delight of a wine, we cannot hide our enthusiasm for it.

Equipo Navazos was set up by a group of sherry aficionados who realised that there were a lot of sleeping treasures buried in the cellars of Jerez, Sanlúcar and El Puerto, as well as in and around Montilla. In 2005 they started to select specific butts of special finesse and complexity and to bottle them in very limited series. At the beginning this was just for personal enjoyment, but since 2007 a small amount has been made available to the general public - La Bota de Amontillado “Navazos”, La Bota de Fino “Macharnudo Alto”, La Bota de Palo Cortado “Bota Punta”, La Bota de Manzanilla, etc.

The wines of the series La Bota are bottled in limited series, in successive numbered editions of dated releases (the date of each saca or withdrawal has been precisely stated on the label) so that aficionados can deliberately compare different editions of the same solera if they so desire. This also enables a precise following of their evolution, since—like all great wines—these are expected to evolve during their bottle life. 

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