Claude Riffault - Monoparcelle 538 - Sancerre

Colour: White
Country: france
Grape: Sauvignon Blanc
Region: loire
Appellation: sancerre


It was in 2018 that Stéphane Riffault, the son of Claude Riffault, decided to create this new single-plot cuvée called Monoparcelle 538 (formerly Desmalets cuvée). The vine which is used to create this aromatic jewel is 47 years old, and represents an area of 0.44 hectares. The soil in question is composed of 30 cm superficial Kimmeridgian on a subsoil flush with sedimentary slabs. The vineyard faces south / south-east and culminates at an altitude of 260 meters, this is one of the arguments that pushed Stéphane to carry out this precise plot work. After manual harvesting and sorting of the grapes, they are pressed in a pneumatic press, before giving way to static settling, all cold. Aging lasts about 15 months and is carried out in wooden containers, with possible stirring if necessary. The wine reveals mineral and complex aromas, one recognizes citrus fruits and vegetal notes of boxwood.

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