Castagna - Sauvage

Colour: Red
Country: australia
Producer: castagna
Grape: Syrah viognier
Region: victoria
Appellation: beechworth

This wine needed time in glass and has been held in cool storage for the last six years. It was held back so we would have something to release instead of the 2011 vintage. I am delighted by its development. The vineyard characters are now very evident – black cherry, liquorice and floral notes of damp roses now coming to the fore – good wine always tells its own story in its own time. On the palate the impact is of lush, ripe, black berries with masses of silky fine tannins.

Their intention is to make, as simply as possible, wine which is an expression of the place where it is grown. The Castagna Vineyard is situated at an altitude of 500 metres five-and-a-half kilometres outside the beautiful town of Beechworth in Northeast Victoria, high in the foothills of the Australian Alps. The soil consists mainly of decomposed granitic-loam on a base of clay. The climate is distinctly Mediterranean with hot days and cool nights during the important part of the growing season. The land is farmed biodynamically; using Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic principles, because they believe it is the best way to achieve optimum fruit quality that best expresses its terroir

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