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Bodega Bouza - Las Violetas - Canelones

Tasting notes

Deep red colour with almost black notes, high colouring intensity and agile movement in the glass. Complex aroma, very ripe red fruit, black plums, blackberries over a spicy background with chocolate and liquorice notes. Sweet attack, imposes itself in the mouth powerfully and elegantly, with sweet and harmonious tannins.

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More about the Producer

  • Bodega Bouza

    Bodega Bouza

    Onshore Cellars - ICONIC Producer

    Bodega Bouza is one of the most important wineries in Uruguay. The venture began in the late nineties when the Bouza family decided to sell one of its companies and acquired the vineyard of Las Violetas. With the help of partner and winemaker, Eduardo Boído, the family spent the first few years preparing the soils of the vineyard. In 2000, the Bouza family bought an old winery located in Melilla, in the northeast of Montevideo, where they decided to plant vines. The facilities were finally ready for the first vinification in 2003.

    The Bodega Bouza plots are located in two very traditional wine-growing regions in the south of Uruguay, close to the sea. Their vineyards are characteristic for being very fertile, well-drained, with differentiated layers of soils and the presence of calcium carbonate, which make them suitable for making concentrated wines with long cellaring potential. The climate has great similarities with Bordeaux and the proximity of the ocean moderates the summer temperatures, which rarely exceed 34°C.

    Using a very specific system for their ‘Parcela Única' wines; the vineyards are divided into parcels of about half a hectare and each one is identified with a letter and a number. “A” is used for their plots in the vineyards located in Melilla and Las Violetas and “B” for the plots located in the Canelones region. Each plot is cared for independently and follows separate winemaking processes, using small tanks without mixing any grapes, to precisely track the result from each piece of land. This technic enables the intimate understanding of each plot, resulting in the production of wines with the specific terroir characteristics. The grapes planted are Albariño and Chardonnay for the whites and Merlot, Tempranillo and Tannat for the reds.