Bollinger - Grande Année

Colour: Sparkling
Country: france
Producer: bollinger
Grape: pinot noir
Region: champagne
Stlye: Brut


To the eye:

The delicate colour and golden hues are a sign of the wine’s maturity and Bollinger’s wine-making methods.

To the nose:

A first impression of fresh almonds, then yellow-flesh fruit aromas evoking peach and mango; toasted, roasted notes accompanied with dried citrus and pink grapefruit.

On the palate:

A lovely aromatic fullness with honey flavours and a smooth chalky texture; candied lemon notes and a delicious bitterness, a wonderfully refreshing finish.

Foie gras, fresh or pan-fried 
Grilled fish, with or without sauce, lobster 
Roast lamb or veal 
Parmesan or Comté

The House of Bollinger was created in 1829 in Aÿ through the exciting partnership of two eminent men, Admiral Athanase-Louis-Emmanuel, the Count of Villermont, who owned vines on the Montagne de Reims, and Jacques-Joseph-Placide Bollinger, his son-in-law. It has since become one of the most respected and consistent of champagne houses, producing full bodied champagnes with great longevity and grace.

The house still uses ancestral techniques such as hand riddling and employs a resident cooper. As such, Bollinger was first Champagne House to receive the Patrimoine Vivant (‘Living Heritage’) seal of quality which rewards exceptional craftsmanship.

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