Bellavista - 'Rosé Millesimato' - Franciacorta DOCG

Colour: Sparkling
Producer: bellavista
Grape: chardonnay pinot noir
Region: Franciacorta


Bellavista Rosé, a perfect sparkling wine for special occasions. Bellavista is a prestigious name in Franciacorta, a quality assurance contained in a few letters. The Rosé, or pink for the fans, is an intriguing version of the traditional Franciacorta that combines the freshness of large bubbles due to the delicate structure of Pinot Noir. Bellavista produces this Rosé Grand Cuvée in very limited quantities: only 3% of production is devoted to this type of wine. The result is a bottle of absolutely quality, amazing and inviting. The sparkle of the Bellavista Rosé is impetuous, of extraordinary subtlety and fine persistence. The colour pink wins for its delicate softness and makes this wine perfect for any romantic encounter. The scent confirms this impression and exudes aromas of freshly picked wild strawberries and rose petals. In the mouth it is enveloping and silky, cool and well structured. It is yet another successful challenge of Bellavista: a unique and delicious rosé, charming as a meeting by candlelight on the beach. A wine that wins and be conquered, romantic appearance and overwhelming in the taste.

Vittorio Moretti has spared no expense with the crown jewel of his wine empire, Grupo Moretti also owns Contadi Castaldi in Franciacorta, Petra and Tenuta La Badiola in Maremma. Under the direction of winemaker Mattia Vezzolla, Bellavista has emerged as the most important producers of Franciacorta. Founded in 1977, the Bellavista winery now owns 190 hectares of vines, covering about a tenth of Franciacorta vineyards, and produces an average of 1,150,000 bottles a year, with a top production capacity of 1,500,000. The name is derived from the spectacular vista from the highest vineyards, which overlook from the Po Valley to the distant Alps. The Bellavista cuvée is the result of the blending of over 90 selections from 107 crus. Harvesting, pressing, tank fermentation, bottling, corking, remuage and dégorgement are all carried out by hand. Each vineyard is harvested and fermented separately. Partial barrel fermentation adds to the complexity, balance and longevity of the base wines, allowing Bellavista the ability to create a style that is consistent vintage to vintage.

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