Allegrini - Corte Giara - Soave

Colour: White
Country: italy
Producer: allegrini
Grape: chardonnay Garganega
Region: veneto


Fairly intense straw yellow with green highlights.

This classic Veronese white wine is striking for its fresh and inviting breadth of aromas, sketched out with wild flowers and white peaches, and vibrant, vegetal notes.

Fresh and simple with a supple body, dry and smoothly rounded on the palate.

About the producer

The Allegrini Family has been producing wine for over four hundred years. Through its constant commitment to reinforcing and promoting agricultural traditions, it has made a significant contribution to the development of the Valpolicella area, helping it to become the cradle of great red wines.

Corte Giara is the brand that was created in 1989 in response to the need to expand the Company’s range of products, thereby also introducing international varietals known to the public at large. This project has given rise to a line of young wines that can be enjoyed in various contexts and are more easily-approachable for consumers.

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