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Hibiki - 21 yrs - Limited Edition Mount Fuji

Tasting notes

Full of grace. Tenderly unfolding a calm essence. ColourBronze amber. NoseCooked fruit, blackberry, ripe banana, caramel. PalateSandalwood, honeycomb, dried apricot and Mizunara (Japanese oak). FinishLong, rich with incense aroma.

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More about the Producer

  • Hibiki


    Hibiki is one of the most popular Japanese whiskies available today. Founded in 1923 by Shinjiro Torii, Hibiki was the first malt whisky distillery in Japan. His vision was passed on to his son Keizo Saji. Now, Shingo Torii, Shinjiro’s grandson, is the 3rd Master Blender of the House. “Suntory is a House of Master Blenders, based on the heritage and legacy of Shinjiro Torii’s vision,” says Gardner Dunn, Senior Beam Suntory Whisky Specialists – East Coast. “Suntory is still a family owned company and the vision of its founder remains untouched.”


    Hibiki is a unique and truly Japanese blend that could only be born from a house of Master Blenders. “Hibiki has been praised from the world for its subtle, refined and complex flavours and aromas and is considered the paragon of Suntory’s art of blending.”