About Us

One company that simplifies it all

With exceptional service, knowledge and experience, we are leading a change to deliver a more intelligent solution for your wine and drinks provisioning, storage and education.

Our team of ex-yacht crew, coupled with a Master of Wine, Rod Smith, are here to exceed your expectations.

By utilising our complete solution you have the continuity of one supplier no matter where you are in the world. Don't risk provisioning wine in unknown ports, you can rely on us to deliver whenever and wherever you are.

  • EX-YACHT CREW - Our entire team are ex-yacht crew, so we know and understand your needs.
  • ADVICE - Free, impartial advice from a Master of Wine.
  • CELLARING - Bonded London cellar and wine storage in Antibes offers a more intelligent way to buy and store wine for your yacht.
  • WORLDWIDE DELIVERY - Gives you the continuity of one supplier no matter where you are.
  • PROVISIONING MADE EASY - Our commitment to first class service lets you rest easy.
  • WSET course - Our wine courses are taught by our Master of Wine, Rod Smith, and Rosie Clarkson, both of whom have taught numerous yacht crew throughout the world.


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