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A consortium headed by James Allardice in 1826 founded Glendronach. Just one century after production launched, most of the distillery was destroyed in a fire. After the rebuild, Water Scott took control of the distillery in 1852. Following Walter Scott’s death in 1887, Glendronach was taken over by a consortium from Leith. In 1920, Charles Grant, the son of the founder of the Glenfiddich distillery, bought Glendronach, and re-launched production three months later. Production went on successfully under the management of the Grant family for the next forty years, until William Teacher & Sons purchased the site. Teacher & Sons increased the number of stills at the site from two to four in 1966, and in 1976, a visitor’s centre was opened at the distillery. Thedistillery prospered and was critically acclaimed, proved by the fact that in 1991, Glendronach was chosen as one of a select few in Allied Distiller’s Caledonian Malts collection. After Allied Distillers acquired the distillery, it was mothballed. 

Fortunately, production was re-launched in 2002. More recently, the distillery has returned to its roots, becoming an independent distillery again in 2008, when the site was bought by the Benriach Company. Under its new management, Glendronach has continued to go from strength to strength, embracing its traditional methods, and continuing to expand it’s range. 

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